Indian Creek Fabricating/Mutual Tool: AS9100D Supplier Flow-Down Requirements

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By accepting this purchase order as a Supplier ICF/Mutual you agree to comply with the additional terms and conditions listed below with respect to any product or services provided to ICF/Mutual.

1. Control of Drawings & Specifications: The Supplier shall ensure that the drawings and specifications are the relevant revision status specified on the Purchase Order. The Supplier shall comply with any special requirements requested regarding the control of drawings and specifications.

2. Quality/Inspection System: Supplier shall maintain a quality/inspection system that will ensure all goods and services conform to contract requirements whether manufactured or processed by Supplier or procured from Sub-Tier Suppliers.

3. Reporting Discrepancies: Discrepancies, omissions, and the need for clarifications or interpretations of any nature encountered by Supplier in respect of furnished drawings or engineering data will be brought to the attention of ICF/Mutual for resolution.

4. Calibration System: All Inspection Measuring & Test Equipment used by the Supplier during in-process and final inspection to make a compliance evaluation shall be calibrated to the applicable Standard and traceable.

5. Special Processes: Supplier shall provide certifications for all special processes and nondestructive test results performed with each shipment. The certificate shall identify the processor, process used, controlling specification & revision, and the results of test or measurement performed. Supplier used shall be an approved source for said Processes. These include operations subject to process controls such as: Coatings, NDT, heat treatment, etc. The Supplier shall be approved as per above to perform specific required Special Processes, or use Special Process vendors acceptable to ICF/Mutual customers.

6. Material Substitution: Unauthorized material substitutions are not permitted without written consent.

7. Changes in Process, Product or Location: Supplier shall notify ICF/Mutual of intended or actual changes that may affect the quality of delivered goods and services. This includes: Changes to the Quality Management System, the Manufacturing Line, Facility Location, Processes, or Natural Disasters. Quality data and/or approved design data to be available in the English language.

8. Workmanship Quality: Manufactured product shall be free from burrs, and sharp edges. Cosmetic issues caused by manufacturing or special processes must be identified. Supplier is responsible for the cost of product damaged due to mishandling by the supplier. It is the supplier’s responsibility to vet its personnel to be trained and competent to perform their respective duties.

9. Limited Shelf Life Items: Materials with limited shelf life shall indicate the date of manufacture, lot number, applicable specification on the container and a 75% remaining shelf life.

10. Certificate of Conformance: Supplier’s acceptance of ICF/Mutual purchase order certifies that the materials and processes supplied under the purchase order shall be or have been controlled and inspected in accordance with the purchase order and they meet the specified order requirements, referenced specifications and drawings. Supplier must provide a Certificate of Conformance for all orders, lots, verifying that all products and lots meet those requirements. All products, lots and serial numbers must be clearly identified and labeled and must be traceable to and linked to the Certificate of Conformance.

11. Nonconforming Products and Materials: Supplier shall obtain prior written approval with respect to the disposition of any nonconforming products or materials supplied, that does not meet engineering drawing or documents under contract or Purchase Order. In the event that nonconforming materials are present, and the materials are deemed acceptable or useable by the Supplier, it is still the responsibility of the Supplier to Inform ICF/Mutual so that a determination can be made for the use of said materials. ICF/Mutual has the right to reject parts and withhold payment if non-conforming parts are shipped without notification. Supplier is responsible for the total cost of product rejected due to non-conformance by the supplier.

12. Right of Access: ICF/Mutual and its customers, and regulatory authorities shall be granted the right of access to all Supplier and sub-tier Supplier facilities and records involved in fulfilling the Purchase Order requirements to ensure conformance with the requirements.

13. Record Retention: Supplier shall maintain records of inspections, tests, and process controls called for by the contract or Purchase Order. Unless specified elsewhere in contracts, customer flow down requirements or attachments, these documents shall be on file, stored and protected in such a manner that they remain legible, readily identifiable, and readily available to ICF/Mutual for no less than 7 years.

14. Letter of Disclosure: When a nonconformance is determined to exist, or is suspected to exist on goods and/or services already provided under Purchase Order Contract, Supplier shall provide written Post Delivery Notification Letter or Letter of Disclosure.

15. Counterfeit Parts: The Supplier shall certify that only new and authentic materials are used in products or goods delivered to ICF/Mutual and that the products/goods delivered contain no Counterfeit Parts.

16. Foreign Object Debris/Damage: Supplier is required to establish and maintain a Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD) prevention program that employs appropriate housekeeping practices to assure timely detection and removal of residue/debris generated, during operations and normal daily tasks. Parts supplied shall be free from oil, grease or any other FOD unless part requires said oil in order to avoid corrosion.

17. Supplier Corrective Action: Supplier shall, on request, provide statements of corrective action on nonconformities or failures of Supplier’s goods or services.

18. Packaging and Handling: As a minimum, the Supplier shall package all material in a manner that will ensure protection against corrosion, oxidation, deterioration and physical damage during shipment.

19. Flow down to Sub-tier Suppliers: Suppliers shall flow-down to Sub-Tier Suppliers the applicable requirements as required by the purchase order either specifically or by reference.

20. Confidentiality: Suppliers shall hold all information received from in confidence and no third-party request for information will be authorized unless approved, in writing, by ICF/Mutual.

21. ICF/Mutual requests that suppliers use the most environmentally friendly processes available when doing business with ICF/Mutual and inform of any “End of Life” disposal issues for product purchased.

22. ICF/Mutual shall ensure that persons and entities that do business with ICF/Mutual are aware of:

  • their contribution to product or service conformity;
  • their contribution to product safety;
  • the importance of ethical behavior.