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Sheet Metal Assembly

ICF is a leader in the fabrication and sheet metal assembly of machinery and sub-assemblies. It just so happens to be one of our many strengths. With vast experience in machine building, ICF has built an impressive track record in:

  • Hydro Electric Assemblies
  • Tunnel Boring Machines or TBMS
  • Mining Sub-Assemblies
  • Presses
  • Steel Mill Equipment and Machinery

Our heavy plate fabrication experience spans more than five decades. We have also achieved status as being one of the most reliable and respected companies in the field. With quality and timeliness as two of our biggest priorities, we are ISO-compliant and have an outstanding record for on-time completion.


assembly fabrication
assembly fabrication

Mechanical Assembly

ICF‘s range of assembly methods, as well as our advanced fabrication capabilities, allows us to customize each project for the exact specifications that are needed. Oftentimes, our parts are shipped to the customer to be assembled into the final product. However, if a customer wants a more complete product when it arrives on their floor, we have the capability to perform electro-mechanical assembly at any level. From basic to complex, our team can do it all. The sheet metal assembly process usually involves welding and binding the parts with adhesives, rivets, or threaded fasteners.

Additionally, we can even perform product testing to ensure that the final assembly is working properly before it leaves our facility. As such, our capabilities can be utilized across various industries, making us the one-stop shop for metal fabrication, assembly, and finishing.


Dedicated Assembly Team

Inside our dedicated assembly area, we have all of the tools to manage the installation and testing of electrical, hydraulic, and lubrication systems. Not only that, but we also have the capability to install and align mechanical components such as motors, gear drives, wheel assemblies, and much more. In addition to traditional measuring instruments, our quality lab houses the latest technology laser-based measuring devices as well as hydro, pneumatic, and lift testing equipment.

ICF takes a structured, organized approach to project management. Our knowledgeable engineers, fabrication specialists, quality technicians and assembly professionals work together cohesively to ensure quality objectives are met and that schedules are on track. Our key manufacturing leaders are hands-on and have decades of experience. We have a reputable history of supplying quality fabrications that support the needs of steel making, heavy industry, power generation companies, as well as many other industries where large scale equipment and machinery are required.

assembly fabrication

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