EXCLUSIVELY Engineered for ICF

This exclusively engineered bucket came from one of the industry-leading engineering firms. The expertise and innovative approach of these engineers have enabled us to craft a bucket that boasts unparalleled versatility and performance. It can efficiently dig a broad range of aggregate, including dirt, clay, and rock, making it an essential tool for various industries and applications.

Moreover, these engineers worked to develop a new style that sets this bucket apart from conventional designs. The advanced technology and careful attention to detail that went into its creation ensure that it can meet the demands of even the most challenging excavation tasks.


    • 3⁄4” fillet welds added for a lapped plate
    • Engineered for use with heavy-duty T1 steel
    • All excavator buckets are built to customer specifications
excavator bucket


Do not fret! Due to our experience, we can not only construct but repair used buckets.

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ICF grey excavator bucket image
ICF red excavator bucket image
ICF red excavator bucket with teeth image
gif of ICF excavator bucket stress test

test details

To include the payload of ~14,000 lb, a distributed mass was attached to the surfaces shown in red below.

A revolute joint was added to the hinge pin geometry shown below to constrain the model for analysis. The bottom pin was constrained for the Payload Analysis.

A fixed displacement constraint was applied to the leading edge of the bucket to emulate contact with the ground.

The force on the bucket was applied in a downward direction based on the image/orientation shown on the right. The magnitude of the force was 600,000 lbf. The force was applied rigidly to the two pins.

Below are the stress results comparisons between the old style (left) and the new style (right) below. Stress results are scaled equally with stresses above 5,000 psi shown in red.

Results indicate that the old style had higher levels of stress by way of both magnitude and distribution as shown by the areas in red when comparing the old style to the new style.

The image below provides an alternate view of the stress comparison between the old and new styles. As one can see in the image below, the old style shows more regions of higher stress than the new style, especially in the leading edge of the clevis bracket on the bucket side of the weldment.

Below are the safety factor results based on the prescribed loading and yield strength of the material. Results indicate that between the two styles, the style had a higher safety factor near the clevis brackets where the pin attachment is made. Safety factor results were similar in the area of the bucket near the leading edge.

Below are the safety factor results based on the prescribed loading and yield strength of the material. When comparing the old style to the new style, the new style performs better as shown by the higher safety factor results in various areas based on the prescribed loading.

Award-Winning Machining Team

At ICF, we prioritize customer satisfaction from the very beginning of every program. That’s why we assign dedicated program managers who conduct a thorough review of Quality, Manufacturing, and Engineering requirements in collaboration with the client. This helps us to ensure that all aspects of the project meet our high standards before the launch, whether it’s an excavator bucket or a complex structural component.

Our in-process manufacturing team works tirelessly to ensure that every client receives a top-quality product that meets their unique needs. With decades of experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation for excellence that has led to numerous global awards and supplier recognitions. Our team of skilled engineers, electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical specialists work closely with clients to deliver a product that is not only top-quality, but also on-time and within budget. With ICF, you can expect a solid commitment to quality, cost-efficiency, and reliability every step of the way, whether you need a single excavator bucket or a large-scale production run.


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