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ICF is an efficient, service-oriented company. We are experts in commercial and industrial metal fabrication for large and small scale projects, for a wide variety of applications. We have a wide range of abilities, from heavy plate weldment parts to fabricated and machined assemblies. Not only do we have the capability to handle all of your turn key projects, but we are also your proven source for a variety of welding needs.

With over 100 machines and a wide variety of processes, ICF is the industry leader for small, medium, and large metal projects. Our personnel is experienced in working with various types of metals, including alloy, carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, nickel, inconel, titanium and many more. We will take any project from concept through installation. Our team is proud to have earned an industry reputation for being on time and on budget, while maintaining the highest quality finished product.


  • Pacific 3/4″ x 10′
  • Cincinnati 1/4″ x 10′ w/ stacker
  • 600 ton Pacific Hydraulic Press Brake 16′
  • 400 ton Cincinnati Press Brake 16′
  • 300 ton Accupress 12′ (CNC)
  • 300 ton Dake Straightening Press 8′ x 20′
  • 150 ton Wysong Press Brake 12′
  • 150 ton Cincinnati Press Brake 12′
  • 90 ton Verson Press Brake 10′
  • 1 1/2″ x 120″ Bertsch plate rolls
  • Bertsch 5/8″ X 10′ plate rolls
  • 3″ x 3″ x 3/8″ horizontal angle rolls
  • 1/4″ x 48″ Wysong sheet rolls
  • Roundo 4″ x 4″ x 1/2″ angle rolls
  • 100 Ton Capacity, 5″ Dia. hole in 3/16″ Mild Steel
  • W.A. Whitney Duplicator Punch
  • Boschert Notcher 9″
  • Di-Acro Notcher 6″
  • Trumpf & Co. Nibbler
  • Wysong Angle Notcher
  • Plate Beveling
  • Aluminum, stainless, carbon and exotic metals
  • Welding machines from 50A-600A
  • Mig welders from 300A-500A
  • Tig welders from 400A
  • Plasma-Arc cutting to 1″ stainless
  • ESAB Ultra Graph
  • Hyper Therm 3/8″ Plasma cutter
  • Thermal Dynamics Plasma cutter
  • 40,000 lb welding positioners (3)
  • 10,000 lb welding positioners (8)

Types of Metal Fabrication

Cutting – Cutting is a reductive process that removes material from a work piece or divides it into smaller sections. Many projects now call for more precise capabilities than what a simple cutting blade can offer. We conduct precision cuts using two types of methods:

  • Precision Laser Cutting: Laser cutters use a high-powered, focused laser beam to create incredibly precise cuts.
  • Precision Plasma Cutting: Plasma cutting ignites a gas using an electric arc, which heats the gas to plasma temperatures of up to 40,000°F. The resulting plasma jet can cut any electrically conductive metal.

Punching – The punching process creates holes in metal sheets using a mated die set. Our precision punching technique allows us to automatically position the sheet or plate according to the computer numerically controlled program file.

Bending – Sheet or plate metal is manipulated and bent to a specific angle using the bending process. A press brake uses a set of top and bottom tooling to apply up to 1,000 tons of pressure to a metal plate, and bends that plate to a certain angle according to the customer drawing.

Welding – Welding fuses two or more pieces of metal by applying high heat and sometimes pressure. Multiple welding types are available to accommodate nearly any kind of metal. There are various types of welding processes used to custom-fabricate metal products.


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